The Advanced course is a fun course and is designed to guide and upgrade the beginner diver. It is a continuation of your Scuba Diver training and all divers should take this program. A total of 8 compulsory training dives, lectures to complete and a written exam to pass.


Navigation - an important skill for a diver, both natural and compass navigation is covered in detail on the course.

Search & Recovery is introduced, with the emphasis of fun, there is a lecture, land navigation session and two dives that will culminate in the finding of an object and raising it with a lift bag.

Low Viz / Night Diving - this is covered in detail and topics such as how to select, use and maintain torches are covered along with the methods and precautions required for a night dive.

Deep diving - the dangers and procedures of deep diving are covered in detail and a simulated deep dive is made using the required equipment.

Rescue - stress, panic, self rescue, CPR, accident management and first aid.

Wreck (External survey) - provides the diver with the skills and knowledge needed to gain experience and minimize risks in wreck diving.

Computers and Decompression - a revision of dive tables, altitude diving as well as the theory and use of the great diver’s tool, the Dive computer.

Leadership Introduction Dive. This is to empower you, the diver to enjoy dives with your buddies in a responsible and correct manner.


Minimum age is 15 years. (Junior certification for ages 12 -14 years is allowed).
Scuba Diver certification or equivalent


Standard course R 4000.00